Kyle and Juggler

((I'm changin my character, Huntsman and Miles are not that characters I like...))

Name: Kyle Fjore
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Kyle stands at six feet and one inch tall. His clothing style is always changing, but it is usually a bi-color outfit. His eyes are green, and he has a medium tanned skin, and a small earring. He has short black hair, with a colored stripe that changes color everyday.
Personality: Kyle doesn't like to talk to people he is not comfortable talking too. The only way he gets these friends is by net battling. His outlook on life is normally positive, but he normally doesn't speak his full mind because he thinks nobody cares. He is home-schooled, because he gets too nervous around kids he doesn't know.
PET Modifications: Camera for taking pictures, Black with red trim.

Name: Juggler.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: None
Type: None
Appearance: Juggler has white, light-tanned skin. His hair is red and Black, and has the same color earring on his left ear. His eyes are black, and his eyebrows are red. His outfit is a black under armor under a red shirt, and black pants on his legs. His shoes are red with a black trim. He has 9 red and black silicon balls that he has on his black belt.
Personality: Far to sarcastic for his own good, Juggler is only out for his own movement. He takes the world as his joke, and even in the midst of battle is always joking around as he juggles. He does like to battle, but where is anything without the fun?
Custom Weapon: Silicon balls.
Regular Shot: One small silicon ball gets bounced to an opponent.
Charged Shot: One regular sized silicon ball gets thrown at an opponent.
Signature Attack: Mills' Mess: The continuation without end of 3 balls which are rolled up around an imaginary wave, gets an unreal feeling for the witness unable to follow the movements of arms continuously. The balls get faster and faster, until a visible wave is created that slams into the enemy. The wave hits the enemy for 60 damage. 1 turn cool-down.
((Where we're dueling, we don't need cards, we are duelng with ancient egyptian lazer bumps!))
Eh, your sig damage could be higher, but I suppose you can upgrade that later yourself. :3

Have a nice time RPing!