Taylor Murasaki and Del.EXE

Name: Taylor Murasaki
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Appearance: Taylor is taller than average, about 6'3". His build is lean, and his usual dress of silken shirts and dress slacks hangs comfortably loose over his frame. While at work, he keeps his jet black hair slicked back, but the moment he leaves the office it suddenly becomes spiky, seemingly of its own accord. A simple band of gold adorns the ring finger of his right hand, a keepsake from a past relationship.
Personality: Taylor runs his own security firm, started as a small time operation while he was in college and blossoming into a full blown corporation by the time he was done. While behind the desk, he maintains a professional air, calculating and collected. On his own time, however, he's the same fun-loving goof he's been since he was a kid. Always one to try something for the sake of doing it, he's found himself in dangerous situations as often as enjoyable ones.
PET Modifications: His PET is purple with a simple gold pattern running along the border. The logo of his company is engraved on the back.

Name: Del
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Sword
Appearance: Del's build is very similar to Taylor's, both tall and lean, though Del's physique is slight more defined than his Net Op's. A great deal of his limbs are severed, dissolving into loose fragments of data before coming back together to from the lower part of the limb. His left arm and right leg are more viral than Navi, a side effect of being recoded with fragments of deleted viruses. On his back is a single wing, composed of pieces of floating data. His jump suit is a royal violet, with golden highlights.
Personality: Del used to be extremely conscious of his appearance, causing him to be somewhat introverted, sometimes to the point where he actively separated himself from his fellow constructs. As the years after his reconstruction passed, he soon became used to himself and came out of his proverbial shell. He's since been more outgoing, engaging in virus busting and net battling with great enthusiasm.
Custom Weapon: Del uses the razor sharp claws on his hand and foot to attack his foes. He has complete control over his disembodied limbs, able to separate them from himself over great distances to attack foes at range, as well as being able to rotate them freely.
Signature Attack: Flash Step: Del removes the wing from his back, collapsing the individual "feathers" into a single, razor-edged blade. He takes two steps towards his target then seemingly disappears, almost immediately reappearing behind them with his blade held horizontally in front of him. A gaping slash appears in his enemy a second or two later. (60 damage to a single target. 1 turn cool down)
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