Sexy Party Boost


21 PUs
21x40+60=900 pool
Lvl 30: 300 cap on each

140: Soul Flash
120: Sexy Wink
120: Soul Finger Shot
120: Mjolnir Jr's Revenge
160: Dark Finger Shot
120: Sexy Party
780 Used Total
120 Left Over

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Sexy Party (120 points)
35HP Barrier, 35HP casing, Illusion, 3 turn CD

Appearance: Junior gains two pieces of armor which he can put on himself or allies. These take the form of underwear which either override the normal navi suit or just go overtop. If overridden, when they break, the navi's regular armor slowly comes back (a censor bar appears and covers up any would-be wardrobe malfuctions). If more than one piece is put on one person, it forms layers. He can also able to touch up a navi's look by either giving them a temporary costume or highlighting their strong points for one turn (or two, depending on how he distributes the effect), after which they return to normal. The heightened sex appeal this grants can be distracting and may make less focused opponents miss or just plain fail horribly in their attempts to attack.

New: Sexy Party (160 points)
55HP Barrier, 55HP casing, Illusion, 4 turn CD

Adding 20 HP to the Barrier and Casing, increasing the CD by 1.
This one checks out clean.


You'll have 0 pool left after your other one is approved, too.