Wise Monkey 2

Points: 360

Name: Monkey Technique- Hear No Evil (130 points): Confusion (80) + Illusion (50) [CD: 4]

Description: Capuchin summons her staff yet grasps it where the metal bulb faces on the ground. Using her ability to make the pole large or big, she commands the metal bulb to grow in size. When as big as her head, Capuchin slams the bulb on the ground, creating an incredibly horrid ear splitting noise, as if they were under a church bell as it was rung. The sound wave is so powerful, it can confuse an enemy along with making them see things that aren't there.

Cooldown: 4 turns

Effect: Confuses opponents and places them in an illusion

Damage: 0

Points Left: 230
Again, Looks good to me.