Name:Brent Brown
Appearance: He is a pudgy yet energetic man,about 5'1", brown hair, a curly brown mustach, and emerald green eyes. With his plumbers pants and a white,generally sweaty, tee-shirt that shows his scars from his accident.
Personality:When he was 18, working on a construction site with his dad he had there was a crane accident that knocked off some rebar. The rebar rained down on him and his father impaling him in the shoulder, the stomach, and a couple through his chest narrowly missing his vital organs. His dad wasn't so lucky, he was impaled throught the heart and other various spots and died. This near death experience showed him that you could die at any time so you should live your life to the fullest, this is why he is always happy, high-spirited, and loves to have a good fight.
PET Modifications: It is porcelain white with a steel colored border.

Type: Normal
Appearance: He is quite the opposite of his operator, Skinny, fit, and red eyes. The similarities would be the plumbers jeans, of course the plumbers crack, and a mario tee-shirt.
Personality:Being a relatively new navi he is quite curious about things and enjoys figuring out how things work. When confronted with a challenge he likes to think things through and make a plan. He also enjoys watching the Die Hard movies with his operator and because of it fights recklessly even though he'll usually thinks things through, his plan often falls apart, as things rarely go according to plan.
Custom Weapon: A plunger and a plumber's wrench
Signature Attack: Sewage Pipe Blunder- A pipe bursts from the ground shooting raw sewage towards the enemies. It hits up to 3 enemies and paralyzes them. Cooldown-2 turns.