Name: Gem Orli

Age: In the teens. (????)

Gender: Ambiguous Female (Comes off as male)

Appearance: She has blue streaked hair, plump face and very pale skin. There are small amounts of facial hair around here face, the most notable is the small beard she has growing.

Personality: A very depressed teenager, who often has nothing else better to do then surf the internet. For this reason, her Navi usually disobeys her and wanders the internet however, he'll will fight when he has to.

PET Modifications: The desktop is scattered with shortcuts to dating sites.


Name: Tentacleman.exe
Gender: Male

Element: Normal

Type: None.

Appearance: He has a pretty average golden and brown scheme with rough hands made for grappling. His face comes up as a black screen made up with small bits of green creating various expressions from time to time. A very special feature of Internet.exe was the four large tentacles coming through his back. They tend to sit diagonally from each other in a square like formation.

Personality: A very blunt individual that believes he's entitled to have and do whatever he wants to whoever he wants. This often causes him to get into many fights with other Navis, even some of the viruses seem to have a problem with him. He particularly doesn't like it when someone bans him from a certain place, where he'll bypass it and start up trouble anyway.

He believes he is smarter, faster, wiser, more clever, more fit, more well-designed than any other and isn't afraid to say it. (Because he is.)

Some say he has a very large ego.

Custom Weapon: Extendable Tentacles.

Signature Attack:

Superior Shielding - He transfers the energy throughout his body to his outer layer forming a tightly wrapped shield. This inadvertently causes his tentacles shrink down disabling him from using his charge/shot functions.

1. -40 Damage.
2. No Shot/Charge.
3. 3 Turn Cool Down.

I'll start rping this time :lol:
3 turn cooldown starts from when the shield breaks. That cool?
You bastard!

You forgot to add perverted under personality! XD! Do it.... or else.... because a tentacle navi MUST BE PERVERTED!

Okay so you can use chips when using level one siggy but no actual ability to fire your regular buster correct?

Yep, he can still use chips but no buster.
I don't think you started RPing, so...


GET: Newbie Chip Pack: Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, RageClaw x1
GET: Newbie NaviCust Pack: Undershirt, Attack +1, Rapid +1, Charge +1

Make profile threads for both Operator/Navi, and make a Signature!