Fusionist Protoplasm

Current Cap: 220/420

Fusionist Protoplasm (80) Rass' body is extremely viscous and resilient, and is often seen as having a mind of its own. While eerily mysterious and somewhat disturbing, the fusionist protoplasm enables him to quickly respond to and regenerate damaged tissue. Small fibers reinforce each other with each motion made by Rass, providing him with additional structural support and damage control capabilities. This is done independently of Rass' will and, although it bothers him a little bit that his body can do stuff like that, he has learned to not question its utility. Alternatively, he is able to momentarily fuse with other navis, passing through them and mending their wounds as his fusionist systems link with their own.

Passive Regen — Any target regens 5 HP per action taken.

Passive Regen (80) — 80 cap used

Points after this and Argoclocker: 0/420
((bump. I'd like to have these sometime before the event concludes :P))