Tekkai burst

Right, instead of trying to tweak the rules for this again, i'll try a different approach.


Description: Kenji initiates the sig by unwrapping the bandages clinging to his left arm, revealing a series of ominous looking tattoos detailing a tiger enshrouded by a veil of flames. The tattoo proceeds to bleed profusely, causing considerable pain to the wearer. The blood seems to have a life of its own and starts to animate into a humanoid shape. The form starts to develop more details, growing hair, developing facial features, and even clothes, until it turns into a full grown person. The summoned creature takes the form of a well muscled female version of Kenji named Kira. She acts as a guardian in this form, blocking one strike from an opponent, and retaliating with an earth-shattering punch capable of sending the attacker flying.
Effect: 1 hit barrier, upon hit counters for 40dmg + microburst, 3 turn cooldown upon destruction, 20+40+40=100