The All American Barricade

The All-American Barrier
American summons a barrier made out of the ground from under him, the barrier is large enough to cover him, and a good bit around him, but nothing spectacular. The barrier is a large red, white, and blue striped wall like creation. Made out of brick mostly, it leaves three sides open, but lets him shoot out from behind it anyway.

(1-Hit Defense
Sig Points: 20
Cooldown: 1)
One-hit barrier? What's with the cooldown?
*What do you mean? Is it a Once per battle thing or is the cool down too short?*
What Demon's saying is that 20 points=1 hit barrier=1 turn cooldown.
*Changed it then.*
It's 40 points= 1 turn cooldown, and 20 points= 1 hit of defense.

Just thought I'd throw that out there, since your thing still says "X-hit"
So do I have to add 40 points to the total also? Or do I just have to make it 1-hit of defense?
Nope, just pointing it out.

20 points for a 1 hit barrier, with a cooldown of 1, is perfect.

Accepted, add it and get going.