Harmonic Surge

Spectral shot (100) + Buster Shot (30) + Buster Shot (30) + Panelchange (20) — Lifeburn (20) — Self-slow (40) =120 Points spent.

120 Points remaining.

Quote (Gunner Skill)

Gunner Form:Harmonic Surge:

The concept of resonance is present in many things. It originates from building up energy, quite bluntly. In a more complicated manner, it is the engineering of greater amounts of energy by emitting smaller amounts in a setting where they simply cannot lose energy. It builds up, naturally, and becomes more and more powerful, as opposed to breaking down into other mediums, it 'upgrades'. This is how lasers used to be created. It can be used to engineer radiation, or simply make loud noises. On any scale, it is dangerous if used properly. Incompetently assessed, it cannot do much damage. However, if an incompetent were to be given a highly engineered, concentrated enclosed shell which he could project 'magical energy' into, where it could not reduce itself into another medium, or escape- until the shell crushed itself against something... Well, that would be something, would it not? That, in itself, is the utterly stupid vision of 'Harmonic Surge'. In its most literal version, it's giving a user-friendly nuke- to a- a- Seraphim.


[1:] One Spectral Shot is fired, which is charged with enough power to explode upon piercing the enemy, dealing out the equivalent to two buster shots, finally detonating the area around, destroying it and finally coalescing it to a hardened glassy state in a 15 meter radius around the target.

[2:] Finally, the simple recoil and backlash of the attack causes Seraphim to become slightly slowed for a single round, as well as accomplishing the equivalent of further breaking his wrist with an instance of 15 lifeburn, if this is allowed to be the follow up in the 6 hit combo.

Turn Cooldown
-5 CD
Area becomes Glass, then? K.