Clockshift: Green

First, I would like to change the names of my current Clockshift: Green sigs to Clockshift: Emerald, as they will soon be scrapped when I have the funds for it.

Second, I would like to make Clockshift: Green as was initially intended:

Nachahmen pays 15HP to use Teleport. 1TCD (reduced by the nerf)

Point Cost: 70

Point cost would be 50, methinks. Unless Leon's been slipping me the happy juice again.
Ah, lol. Didn't read things properly. 50Pts then.
Approved at 50 point cost.
Leon has indeed been slipping Demonstar the 'Happy Juice'. This costs 70. Do you have the additional cap points to finish this sig off, or-?
K. Removing the HP cost and bumping to 2TCD then.
Righto, approved and such.