Next Couple of Sigs

[Cap 80]
Vigor: Memoriam's energy field has healing properties, which helps him and his allies to stay in the fight longer.
[Passive Regeneration that can be moved to other allies.]

[Cap 80]
Denial: Memoriam's blade appears to melt into an amorphous blob that lashes out to strike enemies with massive force. Morphing the blade like this takes much concentration, so Memoriam is less aware of incoming attacks and may be more vulnerable.
[Self Slow. Microburst x3. Cooldown 3.]
Include how much cap you have and how much is left, along with your limits, and I'll approve this.
[Passive one-hit barrier.] = 80

[Passive Decoy] = 80

[Passive Tactical Movement] = 80

[Heat Sink. Cooldown 1.] = 40

280 points.
These use 160.

Total 440. 20 remain.