Someone told me it was okay to do this! >.< Put a whole lot in one.


Nifelheim: Gungnir coats his blades in the ices of Nifelheim and strikes twice, hitting up to two enemies. 2x45dmg 50% chance of freeze on each hit 4CD

(2x45) + (2x(50/2)) = 140

Sleipnir: Gungnir is empowered by the Eight legged horse of Odin, granting him immesurable speed and power for the turn, and transforming his sword into a winged form. 10x10dmg, splittable, one free dodge, 4CD

(10x10) + 40 = 140

Yggdrassil: The roots of the great mountain of the gods come from the ground and defend Gungnir with their power, which once activated, generates a damage reduction field that absorbs all damage and purifies his body, healing 45HP and protecting from up to a cumulative maximum of 80 Damage. Once it reaches it's max, all spillover damage is dealt to Gungnir. 80 dmg barrier, 45HP heal. 4CD

80 dmg barrier + 45HP heal = 140


Valkyrain: Freija crosses her hands across her chest and summons Valkyries from the ether in the sky which descend on Gungnir. The Valkyries will defend him against attack as best their abilities, but can only withstand small damage in their etherial forms. Summons two one hit barriers around Gungnir. 1CD

2x20 = 40
Yggdrasil goes out the window now. Out window. Now. Just.. No.

Nifelheim has to be TRULY 50%, not rp boosted chances.

Rest are 'proved. I'm Assuming Valkyrain can only be used by Freija, and is a 'pet sig' you made using your points from Gungir.
Yes, now what can I do to keep Yggdrassil? I need something along it's lines. I don't se why we can't have a convert Shield HP to HP ability in the game, I mean, it's essentially a heal that can be weakened by the opponent. I could understand if it costed more, but it's essentially like another sig that is reliant on an earlier one and ends up being weaker.

And yes, Nifelheim is TRUELY 50%, whic means if they both go on one enemy, they'll freeze, if they go on two, theres a half chance they won't
Thoughts on:

Nifelheim: Seriously, wtfux. Make it 1 Freeze, you can choose which hit has it. The 50% is just waiting for shit to happen.

Yggdrasil: Albel, the main reason is that the two systems each have their respective weaknesses (Heal: 3/4 cost/benefit ratio, Barrier: Northwind, Break, Impact) and having the ability to shift from one to the other, in my mind, if it ever gets implemented, is gonna cost a whole shitload more than 30.

To your benefit, though--the 120 HP barrier only costs 120. The 20 for barrier is included.

I'd recommend making a separate Sig, or talk to Pally about it when you see him.
Well then, I think this is kinda silly, but I'll change the Yggdrassil to this:

80HP Barrier + 30HP heal + 20 for barrier = 140

And dod, nifelheim is simple, just have them RNG two numbers or flip a coin o.o
Aye, but when it's going to add up to 100% when applied to one target anyways, it makes no sense to force your mod to do shit when the effect will average out to be the same with a much simpler implementation. >=0

And dude, read my post. For HP Barriers, there's no "20 for barrier". It's included already in the cost of the HP Barrier itself.

You have 20 additional points to do stuff on Yggdrassil.
Then it goes into the healing,

80 dmg barrier, 45HP heal from Yggdrassil
So there's no chance of me talking you into giving up the crazy 2x 50% freezes? :'D
None whatsoever ^^ I actually am going to propose the splitting effects across multi-hit sigs as a nesacary nerf to the system, cause some things have made me realize how truely hax it is o.O
How's freeze on one hit of 2 hax?