Fusionist Physics

Fusionist Physics (80)

The fusionist protoplasm is constructed out of an easily moldable material that possesses a high degree of elasticity. To that end, it's a simple matter to absorb the impact of otherwise-crippling attacks and negate their ability to bowl the small fusion navi over. Additionally, Rass can use his internal generator to create bubbles of air within the fusionist protoplasm. When released, these can discharge small but powerful bursts of force. With Ishamel running the calculations, these can be released either to knock away obstacles or opponents, or as a response to any attempts to displace targets on the field.

(Twice per turn, Rass may knockback a single target or cancel a knockback against a single target. Knockback x2, Passive)

Current Sig Pool: 420/420
Signature Cap: 140/25