Minor Change: Nature's Embrace

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Nature's Embrace: Using Nachahmen's natural protocols to examine objects and mimic their appearance, Nac's eyes enhance in focus, seeing the data of foes, seeing through graphical designs and other such 'distractions'. This enables Nac to pick up on habits better, and see through certain traits of the studied subject.

Effects: Allows Nac to see foes on a deeper scale, for the purposes of mimicry (fluff), as well as give him info on a single target's signature attacks they may have (for use with Emulation Check, allowing Nac to use any of the target's sigs without having witnessed them.). Also gives Nac one instance of Accuracy Boost for the round.

CD: 2

Points used: 60

I would like to remove the bolded effect, as it no longer has any use, as well as the 20 points that went into its effect. K?
Roight. Approved.