Immortal Guard

If I'm not mistaken, even though I have yet to buy any PU's, we start with 60 points regardless. If I'm mistaken and CrushMan can't use those 60 points until after he's gone to Sci-Lab, then we'll just sit this on the backburner till then.

0/60 Points

100(150)/20 Cap

60 - Stone Body

Immortal Guard - CrushMan activates an inner ability which thickens his armor to and increases it's defensive abilities, allowing Crush to shrug off all but the most powerful of damage effects. This slows him down, reducing his melee accuracy, but makes most enemy attacks feel as nothing but the pinpricks of small insects.

Effects - All damage taken on the turn Immortal Guard is activated is reduced to 1 per hit. Melee accuracy is reduced by 10% and dodge rating is reduced to an E rank. CrushMan gains object properties. Break attacks ignore Immortal Guard. Lasts one round. 2 turn cool down.

60/60 Points Used
In short, Stonebody.