Behold my Queen's Sigs!

I couldn't get any of my sigs looked at and I wanted to keep my original, so I went ahead and posted it even though I'm in battle so we won't have to fret with it later when everyone's sig is approved except mine and I won't be chewed out about not having this done sooner, and not explaining that I'm still in a battle.

Sig Pool

100/15 (Oh boy, not much)
60/15 - 40/15 Remains


Empress uses her matter warping abilities to summon forth a monolith with 60 HP to act as an obstacle. It's a large black slab of marble of strange design as it seems to generate an obstacle to block damage. It's property is light and it seems to have other characteristics and uses.
2 Turn CoolDown

40/15 - 0/15 Remains (I don't know how to categorize this attack.)


Empress uses her ability to abolish matter. She destroys one barricade to inflict damage of 1/4 the destroyed barricade's hp to her enemy, but if she destroys one of her Monolith's, the attack will be equal to the strange obstacle's base HP.
1 Turn CoolDown
You got 100 points to work with.

Making an object would be a number of HP, along with the condition that it always absorbs at least one hit, no?

So it would be (HP value) + 20.

Your second sig... it requires something to blow up and send shards at opponents?

Yano what, I'll be nice. >=3

Make a basic damage formula sig. Add in a 20 point extra and you can add your Monument's base HP to the damage should you choose to blow it up.
Okay, but since the sig would most likely be over powering? Since I would mostly blow up an obstacle, then I could choose a rockcube, adn since those ahve HPs of 200 then somepeople will complain. So, does my sig have to limit the damage for chip summoned obstacles such as those?

My basic damage will be using the last 40 points(considering my first sig will be using 60 pts)? If so, then how will it use the effect of blowing up an obstacle applying to the cost considering that such an effect isn't listed as a cost.

I edited my psot, even though don't know if it's right or not.
Destruction is 1TCD.

Your Monolith crumbles as soon as enough damage breaches it. Any extra damage overflows.

I.e: 200 damage hits, 140 passes through to hit whatever's behind it.

Yeah! So cool!

And approved.