Pimp My Death God

Time to re-do, and register, Shinokami's sigs. Note that the descriptions are in his base form with Hisai or Kamoku only. Though the effects, damage, etc remain the same, the execution of the attack changed with Marie.

Musou Tenshou Yoku no Jin (Array of Peerless Soaring Wings)
Shinokami soars upwards into the air (where allowed, out of sight entirely) and loops over entirely, away from the enemy, gathering speed as he does. On his descent, he levels out and flies straight for one enemy, his chosen weapon(s) held behind him. Upon impact, there is a flash and a loud slash sound. Shinokami is, at that point, slashing the enemy, however the point of impact is rarely seen. Instead, Shinokami is already behind the enemy with his weapon(s) held in an after-attack pose. Only when the base of one of the scythes touches the ground is damage dealt, though Shinokami usually ends the attack by spinning his weapon and bashing the base against the ground.
Effects: 60 damage, 1 target, 1 action, 2 TCD [60 points]

Haguro (Feather Black)
The effects of this ability are the same for all operators. Shinokami flaps his wings once, spreading black feathers onto the battlefield. These feathers become shadow clones of Shinokami himself, taking the same action as the original, yet because of their nature, do not deal damage with their own attacks.
Effects: Shadow * 3, 2 TCD [60 points]

Gate of Babylon
((The effects of this one will change, depending on what the mods say regarding Homing and Multi-Target combinations))
Using the jewel around his neck as a key, Shinokami can open small portals. The contents of these portals cannot be seen, however, but Shinokami can call forth many, many weapons from these portals. Swords, lances, staffs, maces ... all forms of close-quarters weapons emerge and hover in the air. On Shinokami's command, these weapons fly towards their targets, usually in small groups, and attempt to impale them. The portals which the weapons arrived from are closed after the entire attack, and they are locked once more.
Effects: EITHER 10 damage [Multi-target (Max. 4), can deal 10 damage to the same target more than once, Homing] OR [Multi-target (Max. 6), can deal 10 damage to same target more than once]. [Both cost 60, AFAIK]
24-hour bump
Musou: Approved.
Haguro: Your terms might be off. Shadow is 80 a turn. I think you mean Decoy, which is...
1. Poorly defined. For purposes here, I'd say 20 per decoy per turn.
2. Only 20 points, as seen above.
Gate of Babylon: Other than a general frown for F/N copyness, let me get back to you on Homing. For now, take the 6x10.
My bad, I meant Decoy. Must've confused myself with the general flavour-text. That aside, is the 3 Decoys okay?
Bump for clarification.
Somehow you managed to bump and still not change the "Shadow" to Decoy.

So. Decoy x3.

Also, Homing is currently 20. Make a decision.
Yeah, Decoy. Doy, I feel even more stupid, now.

And IIRC, you were checking how Homing works. Would it apply to all hits, or just the first?

[EDIT] Demon answered, so I'm going for the 40-damage, splittable homing.
Pally changed (hopefully this is final). Homing is now 40.

Change as you will.