Rune SigAttks

Alright, I'm finally switching my SigAttks to this newfangled system. Kids these days don't know how good they have it.

Lvl: 13
Current Caps: 140/25
PUs: 13
Pool: 580

1. Rune Blast: 4 hits of 25 fire DMG to single target. Break.
120 Points, 3 TCD

2. Knightly Aura: DMG Reduction 20. Passive.
80 Points.

3. Rune of Vigor: Regen1. Passive.
80 Points.

4. Rune Purge: Deals 80 Fire DMG to single target, plus heals Runeknight for 30.
120 Points, 3 TCD

5. Rune of Protection: Imbues StoneBody Status for 1 turn.
60 Points, 1 TCD

6. Rune Blade ver.1: Deals 40 Fire DMG, Slashing
40 Points, 1 TCD

120 + 120 + 80 + 80 + 60 + 40 = 500 points.

Remaining points: 80
Knightly Aura: Just go with DMG reduction 20.
Rune of Vigor: Regen1.
Rune of Protection: Stonebody is still up for debate, I think.
Alright then. Editing. Also, are the other SigAttks good to go while we are waiting on StoneBody? I'd like to get back to RPing as soon as possible.
K. Everything except for the Rune of Protection is fine. Remember that Rune Blade is Rank B Accuracy, though.
Yar, it's just the weak version of what will become a super slashing attack....So the B accuracy means nothing to be currently. Any idea on when StoneBody is going to be okayed?