Clockshift: Blue

-Clockshift: Blue: Nachahmen's emblem turns a pale, icy blue. This change signifies new protocols in his defensive systems, allowing him to effectively expand and/or overclock them.
Effects: Passive. Allows Nac to make a 1-hit Barrier for himself each turn (uses an action). Additional Barriers, which can be used for allies as well, can be made at the cost of 10HP and another action each. A total of no more than three 1-Hit Barriers may be made in a single turn.
Points used: 80

Current Caps: 140/25(Lv10)
REVISION: Clockshift: Blue now creates two 1-hit barriers around Nachahmen, and he can pay 10HP to send one of them to an ally instead. Has two stocks, 40 each, for a total of 80. CD is 1.
Screw the 10 HP cost. Just say where the barriers are going.
Yes, but I was under the impression that would cost more than the 40pt total, which was my aim.
x-hit barriers are 20 for each hit. Gift horse, mouth. You know the drill.
W/e. Your choice, I'm just trying to avoid future BS. You're the boss, so...
Approved, closed, etc.