I need to start all over, don't I?


Here we go. If I'm going to come back, I need to get this done. May I add that our sigatk rules are getting a little ridiculous?

First off, Memoriam's starting sigatk, since it's so far behind on updates, seems to still work fine as a 110 damage equivalent. The cooldown is 2.

If I'm reading this correctly, 1.X sigatks have 70 damage minimum cap, then +20 due to my two 1.X upgrades, and another +10 for 2.0, bringing it to 100. Then 10 that is cooldown free, and 10 that is cooldown free and doesn't raise the cap.

That comes to 110. And cooldown treats that 110 as being 90 for the purpose of cooldown.

So, 100 damage equivalent for 2TCD. Here we go.

Aftershock: The next five enemies to recieve damage are Stunned by an invisible bolt of energy. The same enemy can be Stunned multiple times. The stun is treated as a seperate attack and may fail if circumstances dictate such.
Wrong forum.
Actually, it's 110 with 80 treated as CD. >=3

Each stunbolt has Break on it, then.