{redo) Sicon and Raziel EXE

Name: Sicon
Age: 15
Gender: male
Description :Sicon is about 5.6 ,white male pale complexion ,black spiked hair tipped with red,red and black glasses, with a white shirt no logo, black jeans and a black leather jacket. He carries his pet in his right side pocket. He lives around the outskirts acdc town.
Personality: He has a violent personality except around his friends who he cares for more than his own life and his navi that he has had since he was 4.
PET mods: It is blue with a black trim with his own logo at the top. and it has a scope on the right side.

Name: Raziel
Gender: male
Element: Fire
SubType: Sword
Description: Raziel is tall. He has white hair and has a sword for his right hand. He wears black armor without a helmet and his right eye is a green scope.
Personality: He is kind to almost everyone but gets violent if confronted.
custom wepon: Sword.
Sig Attack: demon aura-slahes one enemy 2 turn countdown hits one enemy it does 60 damage. (when demon aura is charging up Raziel is surrounded by a black aura and when it strikes the aura rushes toward the foe and slashes them.)

Zenny: 0
Hp: 100 hp
chips: starter set
programs: starter set.
thank you. thank you.
moar description please.

I won't override Eon's approval, but I'd like you to make your descriptions more wordy, at your convenience.
well i added a little more to it. if you want more description tell me what part and i will do it