Archcounter! - Passive

This is also pending Character/Navi approval.


This is a passive SigAttack based off of Archblade's Subtype and his custom Navi Sword arm. The Passive quality of this SigAttack is that whenever Archblade.exe dodges a melee attack he counters with his sword arm.

This counter attack deals 10 damage to the attacker that was dodge. Only works against melee.

Has a slight chance of working more than once per turn.
Just so you know, the first Sig is usually in the character reg thread. This works too, though.

Anyways. You realize this has you doing negative damage?
Got it now!!! Thanks.

This could work. There's no precedent for it, so I'm letting go on a tentative basis. (Which means if in the future a reg mod realizes that I screwed up and this makes you too powerful, we'll come back and readjust it.)

So Tentatively Approved.

If there are any further mods that need to be made please let me know.