Level 1b - Voodoo

You do.

Sig 1b
Active (For the most part; see below)
Damage Cap: 80

Cheshire captures the data of a virus she has killed and confines its "soul" inside a voodoo doll which can be summoned at will.
Effect: Whenever Cheshire defeats a virus, there is a 1/20 chance that it will become a doll. This doll has the same attack stat and element as the virus which inhabits it, as well as one ability that the virus possesses. Its HP stat is equal to 1/4 the original virus' HP. HP, Attack, and special abilities (20 per ability) combined cannot exceed 70, and stats may be reduced to fit. Once she has a voodoo doll, she may summon it with this sig. The doll acts as a turret, and may attack one enemy (my choice) a turn, or use its special ability. She cannot carry more than three dolls at a time. To acquire other dolls, she must first destroy one; so long as she has three, defeated viruses will not become dolls. Once a doll is destroyed it cannot be used again until the next jack-in, unless Cheshire commits two actions in battle to mend it.

And yes, she keeps the dolls she captures. I see it as a more versatile type of turret sig.

I'll keep doll stats in my sig, to avoid confusion.
You remind me of a bump.
What bump?
The bump with -- <bricked>
The 1/20 just seems like mad garbage. What I'm interested in:

Can she have multiple dolls out at one time?
Mad garbage? XD
I can't tell if that's dismissive in a good way or not. Should it be raised, lowered, or overhauled entirely?

I'd use a random number generator for it. To steal from EN's Passbreak thing, at the start of each battle I'd roll a d20 (or whatever), and roll again with each virus killed. If the number matched the initial roll, I'd get a doll.

She can only have one doll out at a time. The three doll storage thing is to offer some variety in strategy (mostly elemental strategy) and RP. No fun sending out, say, a Met with each and every usage.

I'm starting to notice how many gaps I left. From now on, I'm doing effects point-form so there's not so much confusion for all parties involved.
Hmm. Interesting.

So it's free damage as soon as you get it, possibly 69 free damage a turn (Being nonsensical, perhaps--but certainly possible with 1 HP Doll).

Also mad complicated to calculate the total actual effectiveness.

Rough calc:

[(Damage per turn + Ability value) / 2 ] + HP of Doll + (Destructibility of Doll (Negative value))
First point: I was a bit unclear. Stats can be lowered to make a doll fit the 70-total limit, but not swapped. For your scenario, I'd need to find, kill, and acquire a virus with an attack stat of 70. By the time I fight things like that, I don't think I'll be dealing with the cap I am now.

As for the damage calc, I'm not sure how you got the /2 in there, and have no idea what you mean by "destructibility." There's somewhere we're not seeing eye-to-eye on here. For all intents and purposes, the dolls themselves are turrets with stats that differ depending on in-game accomplishments. For instance, if I destroy and acquire a Met, I get the option to use a 10 HP, 10-damage turret with the ability to defend against once attack (I know Mets are invulnerable under their helmets, no questions asked, but that's broken in many different ways when it comes to PC use.) At the moment, they can't exceed 70 points of usefulness (great, now I'm using usefulness as a unit) on a total cap of a possible 80 points. But then again, what rules are there pertaining to turret-type sigs? I would gladly reduce the dolls' maximum if it's called for.
Yano what...

The formula actually doesn't make much difference at this level, and I don't feel the need for more complexity.

Approved as long as you put a RNG (1-20) in your Signature and a MOD rolls the number each round (might wanna specify in posts, so they don't forget).
Aww, you don't trust me? ^^

Done and done. I'll get everything set up once I'm back from work.
Oh, crap. Once more, I've forgotten a cooldown.

How does two turns sound, starting once a doll is destroyed?
Approved, whoo