Kai Tsurugi and Slade.EXE


Name: Kai Tsurugi
Age: 15
Gender: Male

A medium builded teenager with fair skin. He has a pair of brown eyes and spiky brown hairs. Always seen wearing a black trenchcoat over his green wool-knitted shirt. He frequently wears blue jeans and black sneakers. Almost all the time, earphones are seen on his ears, and a lollypop in his mouth.
Personality: Kai is frequently left alone at home, leaving Slade as his only companion. Thus, the loneliness somehow create an antisocial personality but a strong bond is also created between him and his Navi. He also doesn't speak too much at school and prefers to be quiet. Eventhough, when someone breaks the ice, he'll gladly join the conversation. In battle, Kai always think first before making decision. Somehow a strategeist, prefer brains more than brawn. Music genre chose is R&B with slight Pop.
PET Modifications: Light blue Link PET with Slade's crest embedded on it. Used by Kai mostly to listen to his favourite mp3. Also used for E-mails, News, hacking...etc


Name: Slade.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Sword
A humanoid NetNavi wearing black jumpsuit. His armor pieces consists of a chest plate which bears his emblem, a pair os sphere shoulderpads, a pair of gauntlet and boots. His gauntlet reaches his elbow, with some kind of golden ring embedded to it. While his left hand is a normal hand, his right hand bears claw, which he use to slash his opponent. His boots were also embedded with golden ring, and they are made from a light matter, which allow Slade to move with his normal pace, without disturbance. His helmet covers all of his head, excluding his eyes, although he can retract his mask when not in battle. There are also two huge yellow horns, forged to the helmet. Aside from that, his armor also consists of a pair of yellow wing, attached to his back. Overall, the armor's colour scheme is metallic light blue, while his claw are metallic grey.
Personality: Somehow a battle maniac. He loves to battle, either with a stronger opponent or with some puny virus. He'll battle anyone he can, and won't run from his opponent. Moreover, he won't surprise attack others, but will face them with pride. While not in battle, he is a cheerful, reckless yet friendly person, somehow the opposites of his NetOp. But still, their bond remains strong as they had spent so much time together. Slade'd try to make friends as much as he can and by the same time, seeks stronger opponent as well.
Custom Weapon: Kaiser Knucle (Claw)
Signature Attack: Black Passion
A black aura surrounds Slade and concentrates on his right hand, the claw. He rushes through a straight line and slash the opponent that's in his way. The attack will deactivate as he strike a Navi or virus, obstacle or came across hole. The attack may pierce guard and will do half damage. 3 turn cooldown.

Well, I almost can't remember almost a thing about my character at RE:CN. Well, guess I'll restart here.
Here's a helpful hint: In the last game, everyone started with a Shotgun, Sword, and Cannon. So in other words, unless you sold them, you could possibly transfer one or two through the guidelines listed. Also, if I remember correctly, you're also the guy who bought the Vulcans that turned out worthless. Just a few things you could possibly transfer. Now, as for your profile, it looks fine. Are both sprites complete edits, though? For some reason, the netop looks familar, though, as long as its not just a simple recolor, its fine. Get back to me on the chip thing and then I'll approve you.
So we can't get the newbie pack of cannon, shotgun, and sword this time?

Umm, for the NetOp, I used Chaud's sprite from bn6, edited the head from Lan's sprite and used the hair of Subaru from MMStar Force.
Well, for Slade I used Heel Navi as base, with edited MMZero sub-boss Dragon's sprite head. Also the wing is from the pegasus from MMZero 4.

Well, you've done well enough that I'm not going to complain about the sprites.

Anyways, the starter pack this time has Rageclaw instead of a Sword. However, if you want, you can take chips from your old file who's value doesn't exceed 5000z in Higure's shop and bring them here. In other words, you could recalim the sword you got from the old starter set, along with one or two of the others you remember having.
So what do we get now?

EDIT: Sorry, just read the registration thread
So we get Cannon, Shotgun, and RageClaw. Okay.

Lucky me, didn't bought any upgrades before.
And this is the list of what I wanted

Sword, Sword, Minibomb and EnergyBomb.

Thanks Majin.
Ah, so you remember a few of the chips you had? Good. Keep those and also add in:

GET: Newbie Chip Pack: Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, RageClaw x1
GET: Newbie NaviCust Pack: Undershirt, Attack +1, Rapid +1, Charge +1

Well, I just bought it 5 hours before the site closed.
And shouldn't this be locked?