Trying again, Eye of the South, Red and Orange

Eye of the South Red and Orange: The 'Eye of the South Red and Orange' Is one in three eye attacks, all eye attacks drain power from the Rainbow Gems into the eyes and give the eyes 'sights' which are great powers that mostly give a advanced view on things. The Rainbow gems have different powers, seven in all, these are just two.
(CD 3 *Starts after the end of effects.*)

Red: Demon Sight: R-kid's eye will turn blood-red, with a pattern in the center that looks like a black star. Everything used on R-kid that is a bomb or sword battlechip will be much easier to dodge. Plus a extra Accuracy up when fighting a sword subtype enemy.

Total: Dodge++ if it is a bomb or sword battlechip. Accuracy++ when against a sword subtype enemy.

*These effects will wear off in 3 turns*
Orange: Burst Sight: R-kid's eyes will turn flame-orange, with a black diamond pattern in the center of the eye. Everything that is a large size compared to R-kid can easily be traced and taken down with ease.

Total: Accuracy++ the bigger the enemy is compared to R-kid (Extra + if it is something giant like a cybeast or something), and Accuracy-- to smaller enemies compared to R-kid. (Extra — if someone has some kind of *turn into snail .GMO * or something like that)
For dodge, same thing, just replace the Accuracy with Dodge.

*These effects will wear off in 3 turns*
*Bomb based attacks are harder to pull off by 30%*
Just because they're fire doesn't mean they're always hot, and just because they're aqua doesn't mean they're necessarily cold. Keep that in mind.
Dodge ++ against Bombs/Swords
Accuracy ++ against Swords

Dodge ++ against bigger opponents
Accuracy ++ against bigger opponents
Dodge -- against smaller opponents
Accuracy -- against smaller opponents

Don't need the bomb nerf for Orange.

Do I have it right?
I don't?

k then, you got everything on there.
3 turn duration, 3 turn CD...