1a. Electric Drain

Level 1 Cap: 80

1a. Electric Drain. Voltman drains power from the net to use for himself.

Effects: Uses one action to create a 60 HP elec barrier on the next turn. This barrier can...
... be left alone for defense
... be dismissed for 4/3x(current barrier health) boost to the next elec attack
... be dismissed for (current barrier health) boost to next null element attack, as well as converting it to Elec element
... be immideately dispelled by a wood element attack.
3 Turn CD

Yeah. Yes? No? I did the math, and this would give a maximum damage boost of 80. To null element chips, 60. Which works, even with the -20 penalty for different elements being compensated for.

The extra turn of CD (80 damage usually being 2 turn) is because of the versatility of the move.

Note: The +dmg effect applies to the FINAL damage. Ie, no 210 damage, elec element Vulcan1's
Anything other than the barrier takes an additional action to activate.

What do you mean by Wood-chip immediately dissipates it?
Okay. Powering up an electric/null attack takes an extra action.

And by "wood attack immediately dissipates it", I mean that if I have the barrier up, and I get hit by a Wood attack, the barrier is immideately dispelled and I take damage as if the barrier hadn't even been there. It's just a debuff.
Add those clauses in, and I'll tentatively approve this.