Immobilizing Justice!

Cap is currently at...90?

Lvl 2 SigAttk

A hovering cannon appears above the battlefield and firers a massive beam of white light at a group of enemies. Deals 60 damage divided amongst three targets. Has a chance to paralyze those hit by the beam while the flash of light can blind other targets.

(60 DMG divided amongst 3 targets + Paralyze. Random chance to blind other enemies)
...................... Twii, he has no cool down. Plus, if I'm reading this right, it has the potential to do 30+stun to three enemies, which equates to actually 150 damage (each stun equaling roughly 20 damage) and can also blind random foes, which is also an effect that should add to the cap. If the stun only hit one of the targets, it would work, since that would equate to 80 damage. The blind to random things is unclear, though. Like how many guys could it affect? Need clarification on these things.
Actually...I'm going to redo this altogether. However, it may be a moot point so just hold off for now.