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Lv1: Nature's Embrace: Using Nac's natural protocols to examine objects and mimic their appearence, Nac's eyes enhance in focus, seeing the data of foes, seeing through graphical designs and other such 'distractions'. This enables Nac to pick up on habits better, and see through certain traits of the studied subject.

Takes no action to activate. Increases accuracy, as well as RP reward factors from virii defeated this turn(both due to the extended effectiveness of attacks through study of the foe's battle traits). Also allows deeper insight into foes, allowing him to better tap into their personality traits for the purposes of mimicry(a little G-mode, I know, which is why I limited it to mimicry use). 2 turn cooldown. Can be used with other sigs, but CD raises by 1 when doing so. I could either drop the 1 turn CD on this, or add another effect, but I'm not sure(only thing running through is increased chance of chip, but eh.)

So, thoughts? This is per the new rules on Sig CD.
Keep at 2 turn CD, add better chance of chip drop, approved.
Thx. I'll close it then...