2.0 Fusion Armor

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Fusion Armor: 2.0B — Cap: 120

Subsystems and schizophrenia aside, Rass' main body is still a mystery even to Suien. Early attempts at tinkering and modifying the fusion navi's fluid black body ended in failure, mainly because the body would flat-out reject any direct upgrades, as though it had a mind of its own. Even attempts at upgrading the core functions were met with resistance mostly due to the fact that Rass' body contains not one, not two, not three, but FOUR distinct cores that had to be simultaneously modified, and even when that was done, the overall capacity for expansion was decreased by a factor of four. In frustration, Suien simply used the process upgrades to increase the memory capacity of the R.A.S.S. system, doing little more than increasing its short-term storage capacity.

Little did he know that this act of laziness would be just what the doctor ordered.

With an expanded memory capacity, Rass gains the ability to "fuse" himself with any peripheral data that doesn't contain an additional core (due to the fact that core data takes up a prohibitively large amount of memory). By analyzing and assimilating this "junk" data, Rass can perform a number of useful tasks...

Fusion Armor allows for the grafting of junk data into a protective shell, capable of defending Rass from attack. This shell, literally being fused to Rass' chassis, cannot be blown off using northwind-style attacks, but can be chipped off using regular means of attack. One advantage of this technique is the ability to assimilate basic functions of absorbed entities. As strange is at may look having a massive fan grafted to one's chest, none can deny the advantages conferred by it's utility. While the cooldown for the technique is often prohibitively long, the fusion armor remains one of the more versatile tools in Rass' considerable arsenal.

Turn 1:
-Does not count as a signature attack
-Can be used alongside any Fusion technique for no additional actions
-Absorbs obstacles on the field or defeated viruses. Obstacles add half their current HP to Fusion Points (FP) and defeated viruses/navis add half their max HP.
-FP absorbed for this signature attack if used alone is capped at 100 (if used with other fusion techniques, cap becomes their combined cap.)

Fusion Armor Activation: (Costs one action, all FP is used)
-Creates an (FP) HP barrier that cannot be blown off by northwind-type effects. Rass gains the properties of all absorbed objects (If Rass absorbed a windbox, he gains a gust-like effect. If Rass absorbed a discord, his presence confuses enemies... etc.) Cooldown = (Barrier HP/20)+1
See Fusion Force first.

Anyways, what happens if he absorbs... AuraHead? Does he get an Aura? Metool? A guard?

Things get mad complicated from there.
Apologies. Rass only gains the properties of OBJECTS he absorbs, not viruses.

1: Place Windbox
2: Place Discord
3: Uses expanded fusion cap of Fusion Force and Fusion Armor to absorb Discord and Windbox for 200 total FP.
4: Activate Fusion Armor: 200HP barrier, passively confuses opponents and can blow around enemies as long as it is active.
Alright, same change applies along with Fusion Force. Stuff is absorbed at 50% efficiency, capped at 100. If used along with Fusion Force, CD applies to both.

We cool.
Tentatively Approved.