1.1.0: Blade

A few quick questions.

First, with the upgraded cap, do BOTH my sigatks go up to 80?

Second, and I'm sorry if you've answered this a million times, do we need to buy Edits to bring old attacks up to the cap?

1.1.1, Blade: Oberon leaps into the thick of battle and lays waste to his enemies with both blades. The power of the Process Upgrade in this case does not activate the attack itself, rather, it empowers his weapons for a short time.

Use an action for +20 damage for the next attack, and becomes spilttable to 2 enemies, or can be focused on one for +40 damage. This does not stack with a combo at all. Cooldown 2. Only Oberon may use this attack.

No level 1 sigatk can be applied to the same attack.

Things that don't really need a new thread:

To fit the cap, Sudden Strike (1.0.x [currently 1]) will lose its super accuracy, but will be +40 damage to an attack, for one action, with a cooldown of one. Its name will also be changed to just "Strike," for reasons I'm about to post in the "Signature Attack Help" thread.
See SigAttack Expansion Subforum. Right next to Registration.

I've decided that Edits are unnecessary for a mere damage bump. However, additional effects/etc do merit an Edit.

And yes. Both Caps are now at 80.

And that Strike thing DOES need a new thread, cause I'm not thinking THAT much, tyvm.

Anyways. Blade.

+40 to next attack if single target, +20 to next attack if 2 targets, right?

2 turn CD?
Correct. It sounds underpowered, but the plans I have for these are gonna get hax.
Blade approved as is. Strike needs its own thread.