Satellite Impact

As I shall be level 5 as soon as Suitachi is modded, I figure I'd post this up so it can be reviewed while I am at work. The Damage Cap for a starting level 2 is 75, right? Or was it 90? The new system is still kinda confusing.

Satellite Impact ~ Chaos uses his command over gravity to raise one opponent into the air, lowering their accuracy for a turn, and then smashes them to the ground(55Dmg) on the next turn as a free action.

Run Down:
1st Turn -
1. Use Satellite Impact on HeelNaviA. HeelNaviA is sent spiraling into the air to lower accuracy.
2-4: Various other actions.

2nd Turn -
Free Action: HeelNaviA smashes to earth, getting hit for 55DMG
1-4: Varios other actions.

That sound good?
...The cap is actually 105 for you right now. ;p

55 + accuracy loss ~~ 75.

4 turn CD?
Oh? Well, I don't want to max it right now. How about we go with the 90 cap. So...

70 Dmg + Accuracy Loss to one enemy. 5 TCD?
Alright then. Sounds spiffy to me.
... You can punch it up to 80 for no cost. XD
80 and accuracy loss, 5 turn CD. Damage occurs next turn.

We cool?