Lv 2: The Magnificent Seven

My pseudo-calling card makes a return.

The Magnificent Seven:

With a flourish of the poncho, Triggerman fires a shot into the air. Its resounding echo reaches into the fabric of the net's reality, and from nothingness calls seven emblazoned horse riders not of this plane. These ethereal entities quake and flame the ground beneath them as their charge incenses the Western Wind, summoning a massive sandstorm to engulf all opposition. Enemies are held at the mercy of its reckoning, rendered almost unable to effectively fight back until the Hell subsides. As quickly as the riders were brought into being, they fade away just as swiftly.

3 turn storm:
-10 damage per turn to enemies within the area of effect (approx. size of a field)
-affected enemies are nigh completely blinded IC; suffer extremely massive accuracy loss
-affected enemies are deafened and disoriented (RP fluff)
-affected enemies' movement becomes largely hampered
-all 'effects' are not considered status ailments, but as features of the environment

Effects on The Good:

While the seven are present, The Good may be commanded more violent or impressive feats. It is also considered to constantly be performing a task throughout their duration. Once per turn during the seven, The Good may be used to remove a barrier/aura from a single target with an action.

Can be dismissed at anytime, upon which an additional 10 damage is dealt.

6 turn cooldown from last turn of storm.
Potential 3x Barrier/Aura removal... (I'm guessing free action?)

30-40 damage to all...

Using 3 enemies to estimate average damage.

90 + massive RP bonuses + 3x Barrier/Aura removal... =x= 120.

I'd recommend removing some bonuses and then adding them later. ;p
I'll remove the barrier/aura removal junk till later then?
That seems to work... barely... bleh.