Mechanics change

I'd like to change around my first sig attack a bit.

The original:

Quote ()

Valkyrie ride: Val uses her booster (either by dashing to the enemy, or shooting herself up to the sky), then performs a powerful attack using the momentum of the boost (and her heavy armor/weaponry). Deals 40 dmg to a single target (lowered dmg, because it puts her in range, which is the sword types weakness).
Cooldown: 3 turns

Now it has the following stats:
- One action
- deals 40 dmg
- puts next to the target
- 3 turn cooldown

Quote ()

Valkyrie ride: Using the boosters installed on her back, Valkyrie can achieve very high movement speed for a short period of time. She can use this to move around the battle-field, or even to jump up to very high places; however, her favorite tactic is to imitate a cavalry charge. Using the ability like this, it gives +40 dmg, and increased accuracy for the following melee attack

I'd change it to:
- One action
- adds a free movement (dashing close etc... thats basically fluff)
- if the next action is a melee attack (chip, charge, another sig attack etc...), the first hit gains +40 bonus dmg and increased accuracy.
- 3 turn cooldown

The dmg output doesn't change, merely how the dmg is done. The increase in accuracy is a compensation for making it from a 2 hit (sig+attack after) into a single hit (sig empower+attack after). As you see I loose both my sig and the attack after if I miss this one, instead of simply loosing 40 dmg when missing with my previous sig.

In this form it makes a little bit more sense, and it is more flexible than the old one.
So... You'd spend an action/Sig running up to them, and then the chip attack (a separate action) gets the +40?

Sounds alright, but doesn't stack on multihits. We cool?
Yes, thats the idea.

It also works with non-chip attack attacks as far as they are melee range (I want to make a sig attack that will work well with this later), but only the first hit (not that there are multi-hit close range chips...). Its basically a +40 for melee.