Lvl 1.5 Gram

1.5: Gram: Gungnir transforms his sword into the Demon slaying Blade, increasing it's power tremendously but imbueing it with darkness. Normal attack deals 70dmg for the turn, but each swing, regardless of success, saps 20% (Rounded down) of his MaxHP 5CD
5 CD? This lasts for one turn, right?

Lessee, under current stats...

+66 x 3 = 198

20% health per swing: unknown debuff. Currently: 20 HP per swing.

A self-growing sig, but still needs to fit in the caps. Currently for you, max damage is capped out at 80 for level 1s.

Given the extremity of the attack (at max Speed, you'll be able to kill yourself with it), I recommend you find a somewhat tamer idea for a Level 1.

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Free action to activate
20% health with each swing
+40 to Normal Attack
Lasts 1 turn
Normal Attack gains Breaking
CD = X, where X is the number of swings taken.
I like that, I'm fine with it.
Tentatively approved.