Lifespan of Mineral

Lifespan of Minerals: After tweaking with Moonlight's systems for some time, Zanzo finds a broken piece of data, 04_09_01_12_14_13_04.exe. After messing with it for a while, he finally repairs it. This, in effect, unlocks the protocol within Moonlight behind his diamond tips. This causes his diamonds to grow within him, replenishing him for the most part. However, as a side-effect, he must 'shed' any excess diamonds from time to time. This is nicknamed 'The Diamond System.'

Summary: Passive. Moonlight regenerates for 15 at the start of each turn. This applies between battles. Takes an action to 'shed' on the first turn of every battle, then again every two turns after(so after the first on turn one, the next payment is on turn three). Is usable with other sig attacks.
What level, please?
oh, sry. 1, and at 100 cap right now.
1 action every 2 turns, 15 heal?

Passable. Fix spelling on "regenerate".
Done. I can put it in now?