I wanted to add Descriptions to my Buster Attacks. I feel like it's pretty bland to leave it the way it is now, soooo flavoring it up.

Weapon Stats:
-- Power: 2
-- Charge: 1
-- Rapid: 1

-- Speed: 3

-- Upgrade: Slashing Shot

[[b]Steadfast Sword[/b]] -- [[color=#CC6666]Melee, B Accuracy[/color]] -- [[u]Normal Attack (1 Action)[/u]]
[[i]A strong slash with Warrior's sword. It has a sharp edge and a long reach.[/i]]
[[color=#CC6666]15 Slashing Null-Damage[/color]]

[[b]God Crusher[/b]] -- [[color=#CC6666]Thrown, C Accuracy[/color]] -- [[u]Half-Charge Attack (2 Actions)[/u]]
[[i]Warrior throws his sword at an enemy while it crackles with electricity. Whenever it hits, be it on the enemy or on the ground, it quickly bounces back to Warrior's hand so that he can continue to attack.[/i]]
[[color=#CC6666]30 Slashing Elec-Damage[/color]]

[[b]Silent Sonicboom[/b]] -- [[color=#CC6666]Shot, A Accuracy[/color]] -- [[u]Full-Charge Attack (3 Actions)[/u]]
[[i]Warrior's sword surges with electricity as he charges up. When swung, it fires off a yellow shockwave that rips through the air toward its target[/i]]
[[color=#CC6666]60 Slashing Elec-Damage[/color]]