Level 30 .GMO

Name: Sports.GMO (Shin wants to call this BLOOMERS.GMO though. am sad)

Description: For those events of occasions where extreme physical activites, or training for such things, are required, Red dons this outfit to get her fired up.

The crimson crusader's hair is tied up into a small ponytail and a headband of the same shade as her signature cloak is tied around her upper head area to keep her hair out of her eyes during physical exercise.

Upon her upper body is a short-sleeved, white blouse with red-colored collar and cuffs. The sleeves are a bit puffy as to maintain a slight airflow along her upper arms and shoulders. The blouse is reversible, making the inside a completely red color that might be evident when the blouse is soaked with sweat, but really, do navi's sweat anyway?

Red's bottom half is covered by dark red, baggy, knee-length gym shorts and white, knee-length stockings. The whole set is completed by white athletic sneakers for better running.

Custom Weapon: Replacing the role of her trusty picnic basket is a cylindrical, red sports bag with pink straps. She attacks by pulling various sports related items from inside and throws them, or possibly kicks them, at the opponent.
Looks good I guess.