Voltman's Spear

Well, it just doesn't fit. So I'm changing his custom weapon to a sword.

Custom Weapon: A spear, roughly 6' long normally, made of a durable metal and tipped with a steel head.

Custom Weapon: A glowing and sparking yellow sword. Ranged attacks fire sonicbooms.


Apparently I didn't have a description for Voltman. So here it is.

Description: Standing at roughly 5'9" if you don't count the lightning rods strapped to his shoulders, Voltman holds a great resemblance to the basic navi ('Normalnavi') design. But setting him apart from the normal grey/green color scheme is a darkened yellow/gray armor, and bright blue glowing eyes underneath the darkened visor on his helmet. But his most striking modification are the two lightning rods on his shoulders, that can be used for anything from channeling energy to a particularly uncomfortable tackle.
Alright by request I'm making the description even longer holy what the hell long.

Description: Standing at 5'9" tall and looking to weigh possibly 190 pounds, Voltman is not the most imposing figure at first glance. His bodysuit is a dark yellow color, bordering on brown, but not much of it can be seen past the armor that covers much of his torso and his lower body. In fact apart from his neck (which is practically covered between armor and helmet) and the covering over Voltman's mouth and nose, none of the bodysuit is visible. The only part of the bodysuit that isn't the dark yellow color is from Voltman's shoulders up, which is instead a light gray.

A single, solid piece of armor covers Voltman's torso from just underneath his ribcage to his neck, leaving no space in between where the top of the armor ends and the bodysuit around the neck begins. Curving slightly outwards towards the center of his chest, Voltman's armor flattens out at the very center of its curve, where his emblem lies embedded in it. The armor is entirely dark grey except for a thin yellow border around every edge, and the shoulder armor, which is also a deep yellow color resembling that of his bodysuit.

The edges of the armor at Voltman's shoulders extend slightly over the joint before stopping, and the rest of Voltman's upper arms are covered by unbroken pieces of a thin, flexible armor. At the elbows, the armor turns into plated gauntlets that extend down his lower arms and cover his hands. The hands of the gauntlets are almost always completely coated with electricity, making them glow a bright yellow color. But all of the armor itself is a dark gray color.

On top of Voltman's armor at his shoulders are two very slightly off-white lightning rods, roughly two feet in length and one and a half inches wide at their base. Both narrow to very slightly rounded points, and electricity often arcs on and across them. They are attached to his shoulders on two circular plates slightly off-center on Voltman's shoulders to make the lightning rods tilt backwards at a roughly 45 degree angle.

From the bottom of the armor on Voltman's torso, the edges bend inwards slightly before ending. From the bottom of the torso armor just above Voltman's navel extending down to his knees, a single piece of flexible armor such as the ones over his upper arms provides protection while still allowing for mobility. This part of the armor is colored almost entirely a dull, dark yellow, save for a ~2 cm thick line of dark gray. Just below Voltman's knees, a set of armored boots slightly wider than the armor around the rest of his legs extend down his legs. They have the same plated fashion as his gauntlets down to his shins, but there they turn into solid pieces of gray armor all the way to the tops of his toes. The soles of the boots are an orange color, and extend up to the front of the boot roughly 3 cm. Lastly, there is a small portion of the leg armor that extends over Voltman's kneecap.

Voltman's face is the rough shape of an oval, with a slight square set to his bottom jaw. Not that it's very distinguishable from anything but very close to him, as the gray portion of his bodysuit extends up from his neck, past his chin and over his cheeks, mouth, and nose. Where Voltman's ears would be, there are two circular pads resembling headphones that are raised ~2 cm above the rest of his helmet. Two 4cm wide bands extend roughly halfway down Voltman's jaw from each earpiece.

The majority of Voltman's helmet is a dome that extends over the back of his head and down to the top of his neck, but no further, where it meets up with the pads over his ears. There is a single 10 cm wide, 1 cm raised strip of dull yellow on the helmet in between the dark gray parts of the dome. A 4 cm wide black band runs from the earpads, expanding to 8 cm as it goes up Voltman's temples and across his forehead. A slight raise in the middle of the band lies directly above a lightning bolt insignia. And attached to the bottom of the band is a visor, covering Voltman's eyes and extending down so nothing of his head can be seen past the helmet and bodysuit.

Voltman's emblem, located in the center of his chest, is a yellow lightning bolt against a black background. The emblem is raised a few centimeters off of Voltman's chest, and its sides are yellow. There is a small gash near the top of the emblem from where it was damaged in a fight with the Fake Nameless Swordsmet.

And last but not least, Voltman's custom weapon is a sword. Normally hidden from view, this sword takes the place of Voltman's right hand when it is summoned. When this happens, Voltman's hand retracts into his gauntlet, and a featureless circular base extends to the edge of the gauntlet. From this base, a slightly wider energy sword variant of a katana will extend (~2 inches wide). The sword is about .75 meters long, and sparks with electricity at virtually all times. And should Voltman require to attack at range, he can create miniature sonic booms by slashing the weapon through the air.
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Though I do wonder how his single piece of armor from chest to knees can still provide flexibility.
It... it's not really that hard of armor... it's more like reinforced bodysuit... but yeah.