Hiro and Spectruman

[Decided to replace Royalman with the Navi I use on other boards, if and when he is approved, that is.]

Operator: Hiro Murasaki
Age: 17 Years Old
Gender: Male
Appearance: Hiro wears a simple leather jacket overtop of a white teeshirt. His pants consist of baggy jeans with a thin, silver chain looped around the left pocket. His boots are black and match well with his leather jacket. He has caramel-toned skin and long, draping silvery white hair that is usually pulled back into a ponytail, to prevent it from concealing his beautiful green eyes. His right ear is pierced with a silver hooped earring and upon the right side of his neck is a tattoo of a cross with the words Condemned Savior upon it.
Personality: Hiro is a boy with maturity and wisdom beyond his years, and it shows in his speech and actions. However, he is still an adolescent, and despite his intelligence, makes rash and hasty decisions based upon his emotions and instincts. He let's his heart influences his choices, and constantly does things that 'he' feels is right. He's quiet, prideful, impatient, and foul-mouthed. Hiro is also righteous, brave, strong-willed, and intelligent. His good traits balance out his bad, and leaves only a boy just trying to find his maximum potential.
PET Modifications: Color Scheme - Black Base, White Trim, Red Buttons

NetNavi: Spectruman
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: N/A
Appearance: Spectruman has a jet black Navi suit with pure white linear designs upon it. His shoulder pads curve back like shark fins and he has the same type of curved spikes upon his helmet, slightly above his ears and sitting diagonally upon it with one right on top of the helmet. When he enters battle, his mouth guard and visor snap into place, his visor being a deep red and his mouth guard having a ivory white finish. To finish his appearance off, he wears a tattered red scarf, more to make himself appear cool than anything else.
Custom Weapon: Energy Flux - Spectruman's ability to breakdown the electrons around him and convert them into pure energy for him to use offensively and defensively. He can conjure up small energy shields with this, though at the moment they can only block one move at a time, so using it against multiple opponents renders it useless. Offensively, he can fire energy blasts, energy beams, and even form them into differing weapons such a projectiles or energy sabers. However, these cannot be used in conjunction, they can only take one form per turn.
Signature Attack: Cosmic Uprising - [70 Damage|2-Turn Cooldown]Spectruman gathers as much energy as he can in his hands, before slamming it into the ground before him, causing an explosion of energy to rise up around one opponent in the form of a massive white pillar.
I'm not touching this, all I see wrong is that your custom weapon shouldn't be able to make shields, unless you only use that aspect for guards. So is the shield creation of your custom weapon just roleplay fluff for chips?
No, it's like you said earlier, it's only for guards. Like, instead of throwing your hands up in a cross-guard, he brings up a shield naturally. It's part of his design.
Alright then, that is just roleplay fluff, so that is acceptable. I can't accept you, but thats all that I saw was wrong.
Navis can also stick and try to block, and we consider it the same as a dodge.

Anyway, your sig is underpowered. Normal starter sigs are 2CD 70DMG, unless I messed up somewhere.
Alright, all edited Kazu.

You know the drill.