Appearance change

So yeah, here's a description change for ViralMan. Not that I'll ever get to go busting again with this RW mission going on. :'D

Appearance: ViralMan's body structure is highly similar to the average NormalNavi. His face is mostly unremarkable, save for his medium length black hair and pupil-less light gray eyes. The eyes aren't really that remarkable either, being difficult to pick out from the whites unless looking from close-up. Even if you were up close, ViralMan's face would then more than likely be obscured by his helmet. The helmet is fairly simple, colored dark gray on most parts with a dark retractable visor over his eyes. Another small eyepiece can be folded down from one of the two "fins" on either side of ViralMan's helmet. They both angle upwards and to the back, each around a foot long and bearing the Navi's emblem where the ears would be. They are both a metallic gray and connect from their bases across the helmet with a thin metal strip. His Navi emblem is prominently displayed again in the center of his chest, thick white stripes running down either side of the bodysuit from his shoulders.

ViralMan's arms are covered by the same bodysuit until just after the elbow where angular steel gauntlets take over. The knuckles are fitted with various mechanisms used during combat, though this isn't outwardly apparent. The stripes running down his body also continue down his legs to two plain gray boots, the same kind seen on many stock Navis. The only features on ViralMan's back are the same stripes on his front, simply meeting their front-end counterparts at the shoulders and moving down the back to his boots.
Looks Good. Though yeah, you'll never bust again, prolly.