Level 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 .GMOs

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Name: Pajamas.GMO

Description: For sleepovers or in need of relaxation, Red changes into this. The fairy-tale fighter is adorned with a simple long-sleeved button up flannel jacket and trousers, the latter minus the buttons. The nightwear has a continuous vertical wide stripe pattern with alternating colors of pink and rose. Red goes barefoot in this .GMO, since the areas she usually wears them in have carpeted or cushioned floors. Her navi symbol is contained on a pin adorned slightly above her left breast. She also carries a normal head pillow around.

Custom Weapon: When you have sleepovers, you have pillow fights. Red has customized a pillowcase to have the same properties as her picnic basket, so she draw whatever she needs out of it. It's also very comfy to sleep on.

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Name: Seifuku.GMO

Description: A bit different from her usual wear, Red forgoes her red hooded cloak completely in this change. She changes her top to a white short-sleeve white blouse with a navy-blue sailor-style collar, a red tie coming down at the end of the collar. Instead of her checkered-style skirt, Red wears a pleated thigh-length skirt the same color as the sailor-style collar. Her brown loafers haven't changed a bit, but she wears white, thigh-length socks now instead of the usual black. Two thin red hairclips pull the right side of her brunette hair back. She carries a brown leather schoolbag with a keychain that depicts her navi symbol.

Custom Weapon: Her schoolbag has the same properties as her picnic basket, but the things that fly out of it are usually more school-related.

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Name: Furs.GMO

Description: For those cold weather situations, there's this. Red... ceases to be red, and goes for warmer clothing, in this case a brown fur parka that goes to her knees with a white fur shawl around her shoulders. She wears mittens and boots of the same brown material, though she comments that the wind can blow in the cold quite easily from below the parka. The parka has a sort of bellboy button design around the middle, like two rows of white buttons. The ends of her winter wear are made of a golden-colored fur on another notice. Red wears a white scarf on top of all this, making her quite comfy in cold weather.
Keeping her head warm is a 1 foot cylindrical hat made of the same fur material. A pin with her navi symbol is adorned on the right side.

Custom Weapon: Red keeps a grey metallic thermos close to her with a strap that connects the bottom of the cap and the bottom of the tank and goes around her body over the left shoulder. The top of the cap has her navi symbol engraved on it. She can shake the thermos, open the cap, and spray, or shoot, something at the enemy. It's like a box of chocolates, except it's really a can of it, but you'll never know what you might get.

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Name: Devilish.GMO

Description: For that occasional costume party, Red has many options, but this one's definitely popular at Halloween. The ordinary witch costume is a regular, but it's definitely better with accessories. In this .GMO, Red wears a night black witch dress that ends in a skirt that reaches her knees, but balloons out half a foot from her lower body. The dress also has draping sleeves for that elegant effect. Over the dress, Red wears a frilly white apron as a piece of a deadly three-part combination she had in mind. A long, thin black tail comes out from the back of her waist, something she can move as part of her body. Red hasn't forgotten some trademarks of a witch's costume so it doesn't end there. Adorning her head is a pointed witch's hat with a wide brim and the added accessories of crimson-colored curved horns coming out of the sides of the cone. Red wears knee-length high heel boots in this .GMO and her navi symbol appears on a badge on her left shoulder. The fairy-tale fighter also carries a broomstick 3 inches taller than her as well.

Custom Weapon: The broomstick can change shapes into whatever Red needs at the moment. The back end is helpful for those long-range attacks.

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Name: Yukata.GMO

Description: For some of those more formal occasions, this fits the bill. Red wears a simple crimson yukata with a golden floral pattern in this .GMO, tied up by a black obi sash, covering a thin board wrapped around her waist, and  further tightened by a red string in the middle of the obi. A medal in the middle of all of this clamps the sashes tight and depicts her navi symbol at the same time. For footwear, the crimson crusader has geta sandal clogs slipped onto her feet, the string a dark red. Her hair is tied up into a neat bun, held together by two red ornamental chopsticks with a floral design at the blunter end.

Custom Weapon: There are many mysterious layers to this yukata actually, so Red usually pulls something out of an opening and attacks the opponent with it. This includes, but is not limited to daggers, baguettes, frying pans, kunai, eggs, steel fans, laser swords, and cell phones.
Approved, for great moe.