Triggerman edits!

Navi: Triggerman.EXE
Operator: Raymond Marlowe
Gender: Male
Type: Normal
Subtype: Cursor

Appearence: Triggerman stands at an imposing 6' 5", and possesses a very burly build, which is necessary to accommodate the massive recoil from his enormous six-shooter. He often uses his physical presence to intimidate. His default graphical model sports a tattered tan brown serape that is draped around him, and flung behind him in combat. It covers his arms and torso down to just above knee level, and tearing at the edges, it has clearly seen its share of combat. His gun belt and holster are visible when the serape's cloth is moved aside, and it is outfitted with bullets around the waist of his loose-fitting black jeans. He wears dark brown boots with five-pointed star spurs. Features a dirt brown wide-brimmed hat, constantly tilted such that it covers most of the navi's upper face, including any semblance of his eyes. Typically, only his lower nose down is visible, with features markedly human in appearance, and a faint 5 o' clock shadow. Occasionally seen with a piece of wheat in the corner of his mouth.

Personality and Background:

Stoic, gritty and callous, Triggerman practically epitomizes the archetype of the lone gunslinger. While often reserved, he has a penchant for cursing, not unlike his operator.

Triggerman is of an extremely archaic design, having been in operation for several decades. Encoding wise, he is not vastly different from the original generic-navis first produced in 20XX, appearence aside. Among the features absent in Triggerman's coding is colour visualization. He literally sees the world in extremely high contrast shades of black and white. His software still allows him to identify colours, but the net as he immediately sees it is a bleak, noiresque one, something that has over the years painted his perception of the net world-- Like that which he sees before him, the world is black and white. There is evil and there is good.

Further indices of Triggerman's outdated design include his need to physically reload his weapon every 6 shots, which by today's standards are remarked upon as incredibly inefficient for combat. He has overtime become extremely efficient at the process, but it remains a combat disadvantage nonetheless. Marlowe has on numerous occasions offered to update Triggerman's software, something that would be a simple procedure with modern programming advancements, but he has continually refused significant upgrades at the core programming level. He explains this illogic away as making things 'too easy'. Instead, he prefers to be made constantly aware of his own fallibility, a concept which perpetually drives him not to fail.

Despite being almost technologically ancient, Triggerman remains formidable in combat. The highly simplistic nature of his programming yielded one advantage that he maintains even in this modern net: incredibly fast operational speeds, which was one of the goals during his conception. At peak performance, he has been capable of accurately discharging all 6 rounds of his weapon against targets in under 300 milliseconds, literally less then the time it takes to blink the human eye. His decades of operation have made him a bullet-hardened veteran of combat, but he is ever aware of the constant disadvantages he faces against the modern net, as a relic of days gone by.

After decades of wandering the net, he has an extremely pessimistic view of the net, seeing just about every black faced lie and crevice it has to offer. Having ran with the NetPolice briefly when Marlowe did so, he, like his operator, became disillusioned with the law's ability to exact classical justice, and instead saw the face of its corruption. At some point, long ago, he was betrayed, and to this day Triggerman is internally driven by a need for vengeance... he seeks two eyes for the one taken from him. Even though the perpetrator may be long gone from the net, this drive remains, without any certain recipient.

Outside of the time he aids Marlowe on cases, he acts as a net vigilante, with extremely brutal methods. It is through his dispatching of the net's underbelly that he fulfills his need for retribution, and every unfortunate piece of shit that comes in his way quickly learns this.
However, this too, he is beginning to become disillusioned with, as he begins to question if the net is beyond saving...

Custom Weapon: .500 'Iron Maiden'- Marlowe gave Triggerman's weapon this nickname, citing at as a reference to something from the past. A heavy bore, six shot revolver of an extreme calibre. In anyone else's hands, it would be too unwieldy an impractical. Must be reloaded every six shots. Reloading is done in context and does require an action. However, the reloading action can be paired with a dodging/cover taking action.

Other fluff: Triggerman's presence in battle is accompanied by the western wind, a gentle disturbance in the atmosphere. At times, spontaneous appearance of tumbleweeds often heralds the slinger, while buzzards loom overhead the scene of combat. As combatants draw closer to death, so do the ominous presence commanded by the raptors draw near. When they loom upon himself, they are a visual reminder to him of how close he is to his own mortality.


Triggerman's standard graphical model.


Almost identical to his standard graphical model, in this model he bears a dark brown trenchcoat that is riddled with numerous bullet holes, front and back. Some of them have a story to tell; all are mistakes that left a reminder.
Approved. Welcome Back.

Though... you're sure he's not a Wind subtype? :V