Appearance fixes time.

Appearance: Maltese is approximately six feet tall, with fairy average limbs, lending to a very masculine appearance. He was designed within Vitruvian proportions, to create a more "masculine" appearance. Upon his head rests a brown fedora. His eyes are covered in shadows. Across the back of his head lays armor, connected to the expected large circles over his ears. It's from these circles that his mask emerges for combat. He has purple-black hair spiking out under the armor, ducking into the collar protecting his neck. This collar is brown, and blends down into a mantle over Maltese' shoulder blades and upper arms. The mantle itself curves around the chest emblem, the silver silhouette of a falcon on a black background. The arms have very short "gloves", reaching just past the wrists, in black, with the same chest emblem on the back of each. The boots are also very simple, reaching just below the knee. The mainstay of his body's armor is brown, a shade or two darker than the mantle, collar and fedora. His sides are a lighter, contrasting tan, with two wedges at the waist converging at the center.