SummonerMan and Rose

Name: Rose Dunrae
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Physical Description:

Rose dresses in a somewhat more trendy fashion. Her clothing is selected to look good, not just for comfort. She at some point decided that her appearance mattered when she presented herself to others, so she modified it.

There are some things about a person that don't change. Her eyes were staying green unless she bought those superficial color-changing contacts, and she had no desire to do that. Her skin was, short of extreme measures, unchangeably light. Her facial structure was remaining small, pointed, feminine, and cute. She couldn't change her height, save a few inches for shoes, and remained a petite 5'2".

There were some things she had no desire to change, and they too remained the same. Her hair remained straight and rich brown in color. She finds her hair too straight, but kept it all the same. Her weight remained low, around 100 pounds, keeping her slim but still allowing for some shape.

It was, more or less, just her fashion that she changed. She did begin putting more thought into what makeup she wore, and what color her lips would be, but she still wore it in a way that wasn't exceptionally noticeable, perhaps more so now, save the colorful lips.

The rose color of these lips matched the rose color of the girl's shirt, which was long sleeved and tight fitting. Over this shirt was a cropped white hoodie, which covered the lengths of her arms and her torso until beneath her chest, leaving the shirt visible only there and down.

The sleeves are a bit longer than need be, and as a result cover the bottoms of her palms, which happen to already cover themselves with white fingerless gloves. Beyond these, various rings can be found on her hands. There are a few bands of gold or silver, a pink band that was given to Rose as a present, and a single jeweled ring she received as a gift as well. There are, however, enough rings that she has one or more on most of her fingers.

Her shirt covers only the smallest amount of her jeans possible. These jeans are very clean, very tight, and very white. Despite flaring out at the bottoms, the jeans are very obviously skintight, though Rose appears to move easily in them. As a result of this tightness, the belt she wears is obviously mainly for decoration. This is made even more obvious by the fact that it only makes it through a single belt loop. The same color as her shirt, it sits in the loop on her left and sits significantly lower beneath her right hip.

Finishing off the outfit downwards, Rose wears a pair of white sneakers. She has fairly small feet, and the sneakers fit this size. They are somewhat plain and unremarkable.

Moving back up to the neck, Rose wears the hood of her hoodie in the down position. Her hair, held in a low ponytail by a rose-colored elastic, is just long enough to overlap this hood. To complete her ensemble she wears a white flat cap.

The only other accessory of note would be the white PeT sitting in its clear case on her belt. Other than these things, most changes are temporary or need or situation based.


Rose is a very friendly girl. She is incredibly outgoing, as well. She is an optimist, and has faith in the goodness of humanity. This leads her to be, despite her generally good judgment, very forgiving and trusting, even when logic would generally advise otherwise.

She is very driven. She generally knows what she wants and goes for it. She is curious, assertive, and charismatic.

She enjoys making friends and spending time with the ones she has. She is fun person to be around, thanks to her cheery demeanor.


Rose is the older of two children. Her parents are both relatively normal, lead successful careers, and love their children. They split up long ago over irreconcilable differences.

Rose doesn't have much of an issue with either parent. She has a good relationship with her parents. She gets along with her brother rather normally. They bicker occasionally, but are on good standing.

Her family is Netopian, despite living in Electopia. They moved over before the birth of either Rose or her brother Conner. It was related to Mr.Dunrae's job.

In more recent History, Rose is an average girl and does well in school. She got her first Custom Navi a while back. She was excited to have this new Navi, and he went along with her craze at the time, which was a new obsession with Roman Mythology. She enjoyed this new Navi, Mokusei, but not for long. Not too long after she had received him, the company that produced his coding issued a recall for fatal errors, and she lost him.

Rose got a replacement Navi, at the expense of the company. And this one is the one she still has. Though she would have trouble saying it at times, she likes him. They bicker constantly and may be mean to each other, but they are close.

Rose seems to have a phase/craze system of interests. When she received her first Navi she was in live with Mythology. She later loved many things, settling on Journalism most recently. However that craze is normalizing as well. She does still enjoy it, but isn't quite obsessed. The concept of investigation is actually what intrigues her more now.

She also decided, after realizing how incredibly lucky she was to have such a cushy life, that she should try working. As a result, piled on top of her school work and relationships, she added a few normal, teenage jobs. She figured they'd help her understand what work really meant.

This did still allow her plenty of free time, but she decided that this new restriction on time was no longer enough to produce a paper single handedly. She changed her site into a blog, which would feature any investigative reports or interest pieces she wrote in her spare time.

PeT Modifications:

Rose has a normal looking PeT, in the currently popular style. It is white. She removed her old pink faceplate, deciding that it was too childish. She keeps it in a clear protective case on her waist.

As far as modifications go, it does have a few. Rose, during her Journalism craze, added some utilities to it that would help with that. These included a more effective notepad, a larger and better video recorder, and a high quality sound recorder. She uses a good GPS function for driving and finding her way, and other fairly normal functions.

Name: SummonerMan
Element: Null
Subtype: Summon

Gender: Male

Physical Description:

SummonerMan is fairly simple in design.

He stands at a fairly normal height, probably near the equivalent of 5'10". His thin frame is made rather evident by the bodysuit he wears. His face, generally showing some form of disinterest, displeasure, or disgust, is thin, pointed, and somewhat feminine. His icy blue eyes are generally used for sending piercing glares of about the same temperature. His brown hair is short and spiked, sending it up and back along his head.

His attire is incredibly simple. His body is cloaked in a black bodysuit. This black stretches from the pointed boots of his feet all the way up the underside of his chin, to his hairline and ears. It is interrupted in a few places. There are two thin white stripes, one on each side of his body, that trace the length of the costume. From halfway up his shins, to his underarms, to halfway down his forearms, the white traces. The forearms and shins are both split in half by a horizontal ring, marking what then appear to be boots and gloves off from the rest of the outfit. In the center of his chest is his emblem, which is also stationed over both his ears.

Higher on his head, wrapped at the top of his forehead and all the way back, is a headband. This band is fairly uninteresting, save a single large, purple backed card that stands vertically, back out, and bottom at the bottom of the band, on the band at the center of his forehead.

There is one more part to his ensemble; the cloak. SummonerMan's most distinguishing feature is his rather large purple cloak. It has a high collar, which stands tall and comes up to his jawbones. The cloak is large enough to wrap around him and fall to just fractions of an inch above floor level. When it isn't completely shrouding his form her pushes it back, and it sits covering just his back and shoulders as a cape.


SummonerMan's emblem is fairly simple. It consists of the same card used everywhere else in his battles and design, back out. This purple card sits vertically with its white rim setting it apart from the black background. It is ringed by a light ring in order to keep it contrasted from his body suit. In the case of the ones on his body, the rings are white.


SummonerMan is not the nicest Navi. He is somewhat curt and quick to judge, He doesn't get along well with others. He is self-serving, but reasonable enough to know that he needs to help others if he wants people to help him.

He often makes jokes at the expense of others, or makes snide comments. He doesn't seem to accept the names that people present him, but prefers to provide his own names for everyone. Generally he'll cycle through names until he finds one that fits well and stick with it.

He is intelligent and fairly logical. He is cool under pressure. He is cold in the presence of others. He is not immune to anger, but has learnt that the best way to win over others is to make them show their anger first.


SummonerMan hasn't had an incredibly long history on his own. He was created to order for Rose. Since then he has begrudgingly went along with her on her various escapades. He does respect her and enjoys her company, though he would most certainly never admit it.

He has yet to make any friends, only rivals. Being a support based Navi, he accepts the need for allies, but doesn't appear to have gotten many. His sour personality have put him at odds with almost everyone, but he manages.

Custom Weapon: SummonerMan's custom weapon consists of his near infinite deck of Purple backed playing cards. He throws them at opponents in order to deal damage.

Support Program
Name: Card.SP


Card is a very simple SP. It looks like a giant version of one of SummonerMan's signature cards. It is probably about 15 times normal size, near 6 feet in length and near three and a half feet in width. SummonerMan can easily control the card with his mind. The card itself has no mind or personality to speak of. It is an inanimate object, like SummonerMan's other cards, and is controlled as such.
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