Name: Onee(pronounced oni)
Gender: Female
Appearance: Onee is a bit on the... short side in quite a few things. Her stature is short, her hair is short and muddy brown, her proportions are rather... small as well and for all intents and purposes, looks more male than female(due to an error in her creation where Aoi forgot to put Onii instead of Onee.). Has small nubs of a set of horns which she's a bit sensitive about. However, she takes great pride in the large rocky looking gauntlets she wears.
Personality: While not the smartest fellow, Onee is rather close to Yuki, calling her "boss" and following her around. She's a bit tom boyish due to Aoi slip up, and has a bit of a hard time understanding 'girly' things. Designed to be Yuki's right hand for combat, Onee is pretty loyal and protective of her. Gets sort of jealous of people with bigger horns than her.
Element: Wood
Subtype: Melee
Sounds good enough, I suppose.

It's a silly pun though, and I find it odd you're calling your female fellow. But besides that, whatevs.


Just put the stats and stuff in your Sig.