Rachel and Guy, for all the time they spent trying to learn the ins and outs of operating Titania and Oberon, never thought to search their handed-down PET's storage files, which was how the fact that Titania and Oberon had a GMO went unnoticed for so long. The main point of this GMO is to showcase "alternate weapons" for Titania and Oberon that Aunty Jean and her husband must have been experimenting with.

This minor modification to Titania/Oberon's appearance does not change the fact that their bodies, clothing, and weapons are white in color, with shadows making contours and lines discernible.

Oberon in this form wields a pair of oversized pistols which, like his blades, appear and reappear at will. The changes to his costume are equally significant- instead of torn cloth he wears heavy canvas pants, a form-fitting shirt, and fingerless gloves. Most of his face is obscured by his hair and a kind of scarf, stereotypical of an anime character, sitting around his neck. This form is built for mobility in the same way as his default, but as the scarf suggests, by someone who didn't take themselves as seriously.

Titania in this form is armed with a huge weapon that could by some definitions be considered a sword. The claymore-sized blade has a handle-like section near the hilt and a one-handed grip- clearly a weapon useful only in the virtual world. Titania wears a smooth breastplate with chainmail sleeves, metal gauntlets, and, most notably, a helmet that flows to a point in the back of the head. In rigid armor, Titania cuts a slightly more imposing figure, but is never hindered in her movements.