Description Rewrite.

Rewrote my description for ViralMan, it was severely lacking before. Personally, I think this one isn't much better but it's a bit more detailed. (see: bit) Also changed his emblem from a Met to assorted shapes. I don't think that affects any of Zeo's profile stuff, but if it does I'll change it and post it here. So:

ViralMan's general build is that of a NormalNavi, he has the same height. His entire body is coloured a light gray. Accentuating this, his gloved hands and boots are a dark gray with the gloves sporting slightly raised circles on the backs. These circles are black ringed by metal gray. His emblem is displayed prominently on his chest: a small centered purple triangle with dots peppered around it. It was designed by Zeo The soles of his boots are even darker than the boots themselves, enough that it's noticeable. Near the back of each sole is a dark purple dot; they are only for aesthetic reasons. From where each glove and boot meets ViralMan's arms and legs, a line about one inch thick extends. From his arms they travel up to his shoulders and then curve downward into the top of the emblem. Likewise, from the legs they stretch upward and end together at the bottom of the emblem. The lines also extend down his back from his shoulders and up the backs of his legs. However, instead of culminating at the emblem, a large dot identical in size and position to it receives them on his back. All of these lines give the impression that power is provided to ViralMan's limbs through his emblem. While this isn't the case, it results in an interesting design. Finally, his helmet is removable, and a line from the dot on his back goes straight up and meets the end of it. It reaches over until it runs into a black visor. Two more yellow lines run parallel to the middle line on his helmet, but both are elevated like miniature rails. On the sides of his head, more circles bear ViralMan's emblem. These circles are the ends of the helmet's visor. Below the visor, a gray stretchy material covers his mouth, but can be pulled down to his neck. Under the visor and helmet, he has light skin and black eyes. His hair is of medium length and jet black. As an added effect by Zeo, particles of empty data gather around ViralMan and float ominously. He sees no need for it, but puts up with it.