I think Im ready to learn

So...I've been trying to practice for a while. I've been working on making non mary sue characters. I think I have it somewhat fixed. I'll really try to RP this time, I've tried to practice a lot. Please tell me if this is an improved profile from the bullshit I had before. This also takes care of my subtype change (since bug is the norm for some reason Im going to take summoner, since I like summoning.) Sorry if theres extensive spelling errors, Im at school and there isnt a spellcheck on IE.

Name: Kobozen.EXE

Gender: M

Element: Normal

Type: Summon

Backstory: Kobo is a case of your standard "abuse, abandonment, and adoption". Origionaly bought for a stuck up (and lazy) rich kid, Kobo quickly got on his first owner's nerves. Kobo was not ready for someone to constantly feed him a stream of hate, and quickly became a nearly unresponsive, depressed mess. Once the familiy decided to move, the owner decided to leave the PET behind by "accident" since Kobo annoyed him to no end. Kobo spent 2 years alone before he was found by Zeen, who was exploring a string of condemned buildings. He was looking to get his own navi, and was took Kobo home. He was upgraded, altered, and nurtured out of his state. 4 years later Kobo was no longer constantly sad, but he is still emotionally unstable at times. Zeen was (and still is) only a novice navi programmer, so Kobo at times goes through difficulties due to botched programs and experiments. But he see's his messy additions as a badge of honor given to him by his new owner.

Appearance: Kobo is a 6'8 canine humanoid. He is covered in a fine yellow fur, save for the unkempt brown hair on top of his head. His armor is mainly teal but is covered in stylish purple, red, and black lines as well as a few open patches at the joints. The armor stops at his neck, wrists, and ankles, and at a specific addition. Two orange wings petrude from his backside. At first glance the wings are feathered, but on a close inspection it is revealed that the "feathers" are actually a mutlitude of vents. The vents were origionally made by Zeen when he was altering Kobo's data in case of emergency, but now seem to hold little to no importance.

Personality: Kobozen is mainly a happy-go-lucky navi. He is rather ignorant at times, but tends to get his intents across to people. Naturally trusting, he's a child's best friend, which is kind of bad seeing who he is paired up with. Kobo is rather shaken by his past, and asking him about it will get him to shut down socially and become depressed. The same also happens if one decided to yell specifically at Kobo. His goals in life change on almost a daily basis, but still he will work towards them. He tends to expresss his emotiongs through his emote programming, origionally made for playing MMO's.

Custom Weapon: Anything - Kobo's extensive emote programming has him using just about anything he can think to conjure
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