Name: Khan Vacano

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Dark, spiky hair. Black sunglassses. White overcoat with red and blue stripes spiralling around the coat. Blue jeans and sneakers.

Personality: Quiet, likes to work alone.

PET Modifications: None


Name: Frostburn.EXE

Gender: Male

Element: Fire

Type: Wind

Appearance: A knight styled navi with armor covering his entire body. The armor resmbles two dragons that spiral around his body and clash on his chest plate. The gauntlets are also two dragon heads, the mouth used to hold his weapons. A double pair of red wings rest on the left side of his back, a double pair of blue wings on the right side. His helmet has no eye holes and swoops back into two miniature wings of steel. He can see thanks to the internal radar that lies inside of the helmet. The armor switches randomly in color from red to blue every few minutes.

Personality: A Navi of high honor and chivalry. He always is there to defend the weak, but stays quite at all times.

Custom Weapon: Twin long swords that he sprouts from his dragon head gauntlets.

Signature Attack:
lv 1.1 Aqua Gate - Frostburn slams the ground with his left gauntlet and pulls up a blue dragon head cannon. He slams the back of the head, and fires off a large ball of water at the enemy (70 dmg to one enemy, 3 turn cool down)
Okay, for description for your netop and personality for both characters, you need a bit more. The description for your navi is great, so if you could just vamp up the others ones like that, you'll be fine. Now, need clarification on your sig. Does it do Aqua elemental damage? Keep in mind that using a foreign element in your sig requires there to be a few penalties, which I'll work with you on then.